Tuesday, May 17, 2011


This is how I found Nathan tonight! Sound asleep on the top bunk of Alyssa's bed. Why is he so tired? Because this little grabber works harder than anyone I know.

Nathan is doing so well. He's in full-day preschool from 9 till 3 and then from 5-7 in the evenings he has intervention. Nathan has 5 days of intervention a week and we are starting to see a big difference in him.
We are working on many things, among the top priorities are oral eating, communications and toilet training. Nathan is currently still 100% g-tube fed but we have introduced play with food and in some cases he has actually voluntarily put little star cereal (the kind that disolve) in his mouth. We have a very long road ahead but we are taking baby steps in the right direction. It's all very exciting to see.
As for his communication, Nathan is doing very well with PECS and communicates his needs accordingly through his pictures. Ideally we would get Nathan using the Ipad for communication, It would make so much sense- it can hold unlimited amount of pictures and is just so much more compact then his binder.
Nathan LOVEs the Ipad - he's become quite the master at Angry Birds- clearing levels like there's no tomorrow- I have video of him playing the new Angry birds Rio ( on the day it was released) I'll try to post that next for you.

Nathan still has his fascination and stimming with spinning object, yesterday I let him "stim" as his interaction with Jack was amazing. Jack was laughing so hard and completely enjoying his brothers spinning skills. Jack LOVES Nathan, and Nathan is starting to acknowledge Jack from time to time. The little things people take for granted are the BIG milestones I see happening as Nathan progresses.
Here below is a picture of Jack enjoying Nathan's spinning abilities and loving every second of it! Jack will be 9 months old on Thursday already!