Thursday, October 29, 2009

baby steps...

Well we are slowly moving forward... I mean slowly... slower than a snail on a slow day but it's still some progress so I'll have to remain focused on that. Tonight, Nathan sat in his big boy chair without the computer or books or toys...and he didn't fuss. Our family sat down for dinner. We usually offer Nathan the same foods we eat but up until tonight he has always pushed the plates away (it's like he knows) tonight was different..

Tonight, he seemed interested in the rice in his bowl. He touched it with his hands. I offered him a spoon to play with but he wanted to touch. I have to say I was shocked because the rice was sticky and with Nathan's sensory issues he usually freaks out or flat out refuses to touch.

However tonight that was not the case...

Look at that.. He's right in there with both hands... After about 5 minutes he started getting agitated and whiny. He wanted his hands cleaned. He absolutely loves when I use the face cloth on his hands, he gets the cutest smile when we wash his hands.

I still can't believe he touched and played with the rice
and then put his mouth all over the bowl...
Hopefully one day these baby steps will lead
our Little Grabber to eat...

Friday, October 23, 2009

Spooky Ghost house

Alyssa and I made a spooky house out of gingerbread tonight in preparation for our little Halloween party in a weeks time.
We had lots of fun making it and it is now our center piece on the dinning room table.

Alyssa did all the decorations!
I think she did a fantastic job! Don't you?
Tomorrow we will start carving all the pumpkins for our garden display...

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Picture almost perfect...

For the past three years, we've wanted to get family photos done. The last photos we had done were back when Alyssa was 10 months old... so a little out of date to say the least. We haven't managed to get much cooperation from the Grabber for any photos... there's simply too much to do and too much to look at (except the camera, which he rarely looks at).

So here are the picture almost perfect... but close enough Fall 2009 Family shots...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Look what my grandma and grandpa got me!
Thanks so much- Merci, merci...
There's a little button, and Mommy showed me how to turn it on. Now I'm really fascinated with it because I can do it by myself- I push the button down and all the colourful lights turn on. Everyone knows how much I like gadgets with lights...
It's like this thing was made for me. Yes, it's very interesting.

Looks at this.... It even works when I'm lying down.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Nathan's big boy chair

Earlier this week I met with Nathan's OT and Speech therapist to discuss what we should be doing to create a positive feeding experience. There's just so much involved around eating. Eating requires a lot of coordination and the use of all your senses. I never actually stopped to think about all the steps one has to take to get to swallowing. Nathan's therapist referred me to a great site called popsicle. This site raises awareness that feeding issues are a medically compromising problem that affects many families daily.
This said, it will be a long, long, long time before Nathan eats....I think I'm just starting to come to terms with that. The therapist have told me it could be four years or more... (sigh) Bottom line is that eating is a learned behavior and he must learn all over again. So here we are...

We have a new big boy chair, so that Nathan can be with us at the table during mealtimes (Bye bye high chair). The simple move from a high chair to this new feeding chair has been challenging for Nathan. He doesn't like it all that much. He cries and I must be within sight for him to be sort of okay with it and he still doesn't want to be in it. So we have moved to a reward program. If he sits in his feeding chair at the table, he can then play with the laptop (one of his favorite things to do) The laptop works the best but we do try with other toys and books. I usually give him a bolus feed while he sits in his chair so that he can associate a positive feeling of fullness when he sits in his chair. The goal is to have him sitting at the table with us, hearing us talk about food, smelling food and touching and experimenting and eventually trying to eat as we do by showing him how we eat.

Playing his favorite website game
with some help from his older sister

I love his new chair. It's a great way for him to be at the table with us participating in mealtime. Alyssa loves it too! She's always asking to sit in it! Doesn't Nathan look so grown up sitting there?

Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Meet Mr. Dindon ( Mr. Turkey).
Alyssa made him at school on Friday and was so excited to show him to us. I think she did a wonderful job! He was delicious too!
Happy Thanksgiving

Sunday, October 11, 2009



For years I've been hearing from good friends who have school aged children just how crazy September is but I never got it, until this year.
This year, Alyssa started Kindergarden. Kindergarden!!! Can you believe it? That means I'm a school aged parent now! It was quite the experience. I thought that on the first day of school you just sent your child to school and the schedule started as normal from there.... but no that would be much too simple.
Let me explain: September 8th was the first day of school for children that have already attended school the previous year. New kindergarden kids, got one hour either on the Thursday or Friday to introduce them to their new teacher and surroundings. There are many kids who have never attended daycares and or preschool so the entire experience to them is very scary. It hadn't occurred to me because Alyssa has done both daycare and preschool and so it's no surprise to us that she settled in with no issues. The actual first day of school wasn't till the following week. So Alyssa ended up going on the Thursday. When Alyssa got to school there were numerous children in her class who were crying and moms that were tearing up ( I know I would have been one of them had I been the one dropping her off- so thanks Sean for going in my place). When Alyssa got to the classroom she looked around and walk up to the person who most clearly was her teacher and this is the conversation that took place:

Alyssa: "where's my cubby?"
Teacher: "your cousin?"
Alyssa: Holding her back pack up a little higher as to say these things I'm holding. "to put my backpack in ?"
Teacher shows her where her cubby is.
Alyssa: " Oh and a another thing... what's the spanich word for cat?"
Teacher: " well I'm not sure because I don't speak spanish.. This is a french classroom, so I can teach you the french word for cat. Would you like to know how to say cat in french?"
Alyssa: "yes"
Teacher: " Chat"

and there was the start of the student/ teacher bond. Alyssa loves Mlle . Freemans class. She's learnt a lot already and is constantly singing away in French. It's so neat to see her develop and learn. I love it. Here she is leaving the house with her new backpack. Doesn't she look so proud? You can click on any of the pictures to get a better look.

Along with the start of school was the start of swimming lessons. Alyssa has done fantastic. She's really been enjoying her lessons and has worked really hard. Here she is with her classmates of her last day of swimming lessons. Here's what her swim teacher had to say:

Great job Alyssa!! Keep up the awesome swimming. Don't forget to keep your legs super straight and keep them moving fast and little!! Keep up the awesome swimming!
She passed her level and is now moving on to Red Snapper

Way to go Kiddo!
We are so proud of you!

This was just a cute moment where she wanted to take a picture of herself and her ponies. She hit the timer on the camera and ran over to the couch. I just thought it was cute and wanted to share with you.

Alyssa on a Saturday night all cuddled up in mom and dad's bed watching a show before bed. If you haven't noticed by now... We are indeed an apple family!


What's this grabber been up to? Well he has discovered ketchup chips? Really. This kid is all about things that are salty. Don't even try sweets they will get rejected right away. Ketchup though is at the top of the list, he enjoys the taste enough to lick and relick the bowl and get the seasoning all over his face and his fingers.
If I write a letter to Heinz explaining that my son has a serious aversion to food but that ketchup is the only thing he eats, do you think that they would send me a lifetime supply of free ketchup?
He's really into it. Look at him. He spent at least 20 minutes playing and touching and licking this bowl. He's never spent that long before.
Is there more?
mhhmmmmmmmmm... ketchup chips

Nathan has been developing more each day. Here are some of his accomplishments:

- Removing his own socks
- Removing his top
- Climbing on park structures a lot more with the help of mom
- Saying : mum mum a lot more lately.
- Going to his room and looking at books by himself. turning the pages and playing with the sound buttons all by himself. At times he will be in there for 20 minutes at a time.
- Climbing up and down the stairs a lot more.
- Being more communicative (non-verbal) in his needs. Takes his bunny bear and soother and goes to his crib and ask to go in when he is tired or has a mini freak out if you change the show on TV and he wants to watch it.
- He recognizes his surroundings. Laughs and giggles in the morning during the commute down twisty roads. Knows the way to the little park up the road. Will easily lead the way when we go for walks.

I thought I would end this post with the cuteness of our little Grabber!

He is after all such a happy boy!