Saturday, July 16, 2011

Angry Birds-the newest edition

Today was a big day for fans of Angry Birds.

Nathan's Birthday edition was released!

In the last year Angry birds has grown in popularity, seems like everyone you talk to plays it and Nathan has been playing it since May 2010, six months after it was first introduced as an application for the apple Ipod.
With the ever growing popularity among kids, it still remains difficult to find appropriate birthday party decorations, loot bags and prizes with an Angry Birds theme. So I put my creative hat on and did my best to make it an Angry bird theme.

The Invitation

The birthday invite was simple and to the point.
We added a few personal details to the image but kept it suttle.
(Nathan's Birthday is the score and we added a cloud with the number five)

The Loot Bags

We kept to a bird theme-
So all our guest received a bird feeder filled with bird seeds along with a Loot bag.
Here Alyssa was helping me prepare them all.

The finished product shown here by Alyssa

I also wanted to do something that was a little bit more Angry Bird like so I also made cute little Loot bags for a few other little goodies.

I did a white bird loot bag

and a blue bird loot bag

I wrapped up the bird feeders in red tissue paper and paired them up with a loot bag and balloon. I then hung all of them on the banister and the treats doubled up as a decorative accent. Pretty smart huh?

The Cake

Our Grabber was in shock....
oohhhh how I wish I could have known what he was thinking right at that moment.
Just look at his face.

We all helped in blowing the candle out
Jack was sleeping soundly in his bed so was not around for the picture

The Game

We had a real live action game set up. We had a sling shot and the birds. This was so much fun and I think the best part of the birthday party.
Kids and parents enjoyed it alike and Nathan really enjoyed it. He laughed and giggled a lot.

Here is the game set up

Here's the kids playing the real live action game

Friends and Presents

We had family, close family friends and friends from school join us today. We had so much fun and Nathan LOVED his presents. Thanks to all of you who came and helped make Nathan's Angry Bird Birthday the best ever.