Sunday, February 15, 2009

Now you know your ABC's next time won't you sign with me?

Alyssa has really taken an interest in signing. It's been wonderful because her and I practice together and we both enjoy it. Signing times is one of her favorites. During dinner we often have signing challenges to see who can sign a word the fastest or sometimes we'll just sign instead of talking to see if we can understand each other. It's cute and a great way to build and practice on our signing skills. Lately we've been working on our alphabet together and so yesterday when we got to a local park and she found the alphabet chart she was very excited. So here she is showing us all how to sign the letter "B"


  1. Ok, too funny! Caroline and I are working on signing the alphabet too!!! I bought a pack of signing flash cards at the office supply store and she goes through them alot and does the signs, she is getting really good at them. Alyssa is super cute!!

  2. Alyssa will be great at helping Nathan learn! I love how kids her age are so interested in every new thing.