Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Birthday Weekend - Part 2

The birthday Jello

Nathan does not eat orally, so we thought we would try Jello. We dressed it up with a banana piece and put three candles on it and then sang Happy Birthday. The birthday song was cut short because it really freaked him out. He did not like it one bit. Once we stopped singing and put the Jello on the tray he was okay. 

I showed him with a spoon, the Jello. He seemed a little interested

Then I made him touch it,  he didn't like it and wasn't thrilled with it at first but...

I persisted and made him taste it while he reached out to touch the Jello on his own

and in the end he played with his Jello a little bit. This was a huge accomplishment for us. Nathan you really are a big boy now!


  1. That is HUGE!!! Way to go Nathan!! Christine you are an awesome Mom! The fact that you are trying and thinking outside of the box when it comes to Nathan eating means that you are a caring and loving Mom. I am so happy that Nathan's birthday was a success!!

  2. Yeah...great food play! That is a super step in the right direction.

    Happy Birthday sweet boy!

    Kelly W.

  3. aww Christine you are a great mom.. The jello was a cool idea..

  4. Love the cake!! Happy Birthday Nathan and great steps on your big day! Kelly F

  5. What a great step forward! And what a fun idea...I like the idea of cleaning up Jello better than cake. (I'm selfish that way!) ;) I'm so glad he's liking the taste and texture of cookies and Jello.