Monday, November 23, 2009

Getting Crafty!

Well the holiday season has started and we are trying to be a little bit more crafty this year. I'm not one to go crazy over crafts but I do enjoy making the odd holiday craft here and there. The other day Alyssa and I went over to Michael's Craft store and we got some paper and stamps and thought it might be fun to try making some Christmas cards for her classmates and some of her teachers. We set up shop at the dining room table last night and then I thought to myself.. why not get Nathan involved. I haven't done any craft like things with him EVER. So here's how it went...

I gave him a piece of paper and showed him how the markers worked
( Thank Goodness everything is washable)
I did most of the lines on that piece of paper with ball like markers. (the baby beginner kind) To Nathan these ball like markers are just that, a ball. So I really shouldn't have been surprised when he attempted to bounce them. I skipped that step and went straight for regular markers.... Of course they go in his mouth because that's what he does with all non-food items.
Then he decided he was all done... until...

he remembered how fun it was to chew the pen
(check out the marks on his face and down his neck)
New bright yellow piece of paper makes it more interesting. Hey and this pen is a different colour. I'm thinking this is pretty facinating.

So, Mommy drew a crazy happy face and she used this pen to do it... hhmmmm

I'm gonna try with two and see what happens...

Ohhh wow.. Look at this.. This is how Mommy showed me.

I'm enjoying drawing!

I put his drawing in our dining room for all to see. I am so proud of Nathan. I wasn't sure he'd even be interested but he sure surprised me. I can't wait to do more with him!


  1. I love the sequence of events! Yes, in his own timing, his own way...he got it. That's the best!

  2. Way to go Nathan! Drawing is still one of Natalie's least favorite things to do, and takes a lot of work to encourage her. Drawing smiley faces are one incentive!

  3. Those are really good coloring skill Nathan. Alex still wont pay attention enough to even see that the markers make marks!
    Happy Holidays Christine!!!

  4. That is great. Noah could care less about coloring. I have tried everything.

  5. Way to go Nathan!! You did a great job!!

  6. It's cute to look at Nathan shirtless. =) He's built just like Austin! Glad he enjoyed his first taste of coloring, Austin hates drawing, coloring, etc. He'll cooperate long enough to attempt to write his name and that's it. =(

  7. How much ya gonna sell them at the art gallery? :0)
    We'd love an original 'Nathan' piece. x