Thursday, January 21, 2010

So? ... How's it going at school?....

Well it would appear that Mr. Nathan is doing quite well and adapting just fine in his new school! During the first week Nathan had some good and bad mornings, meaning the drop offs were a little difficult on some days. On the 5th day, the daily morning routine was essentially established, we barely have time to put Nathan's indoor shoes on, that he's already gone down the hall and is opening the door. (He has things to do, can't you see?!)

So just how well is it going? Read for yourself... these are comments written by his teachers in his communication book:

Jan 14th- Nathan is still very curious about the classroom, so he is not staying in one place for long. Nathan is taking lots of different work off the shelves. We played kneebouncers on the computer and went to the gym, were we danced and played with the parachute. He seemed to really like both. In he afternoon Nathan explored more of the classroom. He loves the dollhouse and especially the doll stroller. At circle time, Nathan laughed and he laughed, he enjoyed watching the other children.

Jan 18th - Nathan was a little grumpy to start but settled in. Our music teacher comes on Mondays and he seemed to enjoy it.

Jan 19th - Nathan seemed a bit sensitive today. Lots of moaning (whine sounds) throughout the day. He sounded sad, but also made the same noise while being redirected (i.e dumping material) He was very interested in other children when outside. He wanted to push the kids on the scooter and we explained to the children that his moaning was a way to ask to play. After that Nathan would chase (walk fast) the kids, and do it all over again. Awesome to watch!

Jan 20th - Nathan is showing us his more "assertive side" with more protesting while being redirected (Generally about removing objects he's mouthed) He's very interested in materials, and showing a lot of interest in kids. i.e yesterday while in after school care, Nathan requested to be picked up (arms up) he chose to do so while I was picking up another child and they both moaned at each other trying to be picked up. Fighting over me! So cute!

Jan 21st - In the morning, we worked with blocks, puzzles and the computer. Nathan also had gym, he is not really into the activities yet, but he is always watching the other kids.
This afternoon while outside he ran and played with Gavin. He would push Gavin to go down the hill and then moan for him to go back uphill. We explained that the pushing meant "go please" and the moaning was "more please" . Gavin would wait at the top of the hill for Nathan to come find him and then also at the bottom. So cute! He should be tired with all that exercise.

So there you have it... Nathan is making new friends, his teachers are helping him and doing such a wonderful job of it. In a week, Nathan has learned to sit down to put his shoes on, he has learned to hang on to the railing while going up and down the stairs ( it blew me away when I saw it) and wearing his glasses more often. We are having success in other areas too.. don't believe me? See for yourself....

Feeding Mommy is so much fun...
(I'm signing "more")

she's chewing all that stuff I just put in her mouth, it's kinda funny.

Aaww yes, doing my favorite thing ever. Playing on the computer Somehow things are looking a lot more clear today!

Working hard

and playing hard.


  1. That is awesome! I am so happy you finally found a great place for Nathan. I loved reading the daily report and seeing the news things he was learning. Love the picture of him asleep at the desk!

  2. Nathan is doing such great things! What big progress for it!


  3. Oh I would love to get my hands on that boy. I love his glasses. Those last two pictures are priceless!

  4. I am so happy that Nathan is doing so well with his new school. I love that he is interacting with the other kids! And wearing his glasses!!! Oh Christine, I am just so happy for you guys!

    ps. the picture of Nathan sleeping at the computer is priceless!! I love it!

  5. Whoo hoo! I'm so glad you're happy and he's happy! What a wonderful outcome after so much stress a few months ago!

  6. those are just the cutest pictures ever!! I love them!

  7. I am so happy for Nathan. I am so glad he is enjoying his new school.

  8. I am so happy to hear that Nathan is doing well at school. Love the detailed reports you get each day. He looks so cute in his glasses! Kelly F

  9. he is so cute! gad to hear he is having a good time at school!

  10. Yay! It's amazing what the right school can do for kids, isn't it? Sounds like his teachers see HIM clearly and are helping his friends do the same.

    Cheers to you all.