Thursday, May 7, 2009

"I Heart You"

So we came home from work today, took the kids out of the car and unpacked all our bags as we always do. As soon as I put Nathan in the house he ran down the hall to Alyssa's room. He absolutely loves her room. Why the facination with her room you ask? So many cool toys like barbie cars, my little ponies and tons of things to dump out of storage boxes (that's the best- make the mess and then move on to something else- drives me crazy) or maybe it's because he discovered something with buttons....

 Look at his fingers and how busy he is typing. He absolutely loves this program. Everytime he presses a key on the keyboard it tells him what shape or number it is, once there are two many shapes or number on the screen it goes clear and then starts up again. 
My Little Grabber was right into it. 
 Do you think he's sending me an email?

Nope, no email but he did type me a message. 
Do you see it? 

He typed a "heart" and a "U" twice. 


  1. That is so sweet. Noah is the same way with the computer. HE LOVES the keyboard and attempts to throw me off the computer whenever he can..

  2. Precious! I guess I know that Nathan is getting for his next b-day...

    What program does that? Addie adores the computer, too and I think she would find that very satisfying.

  3. That warms my heart. Is that Alpha Baby?

  4. So precious! I think he knows more than you think!

  5. This program is called Alpha Baby. It's great!

  6. that is the neatest thing! My kids would love it!

  7. That is so sweet! He looks so grown up sitting at the computer sending a message to him mom. Kelly F

  8. I thought for sure I commented on this post! I love the pictures. How cute he looks just sitting there!!!

    Kelly W.