Sunday, May 3, 2009

Update on Grandpa

Please keep Nathan and Alyssa's grandpa in your thoughts and prayers. Last week the cancerous growth was removed and we are awaiting the results of the biopsy ( I guess to find out more about what kind of cancer it is and if it has spread more etc.), however during the surgery, Doug (a.k.a grandpa) suffered small heart attack (this is the 2nd heart attack in less than a year, first one was quite severe). They need to put a stint in his artery and it will take him about a month to recover. Grandpa cannot eat orally at all. He has a g-tube ( just like Nathan's) and he takes all liquids, meds and any food through his tube. He's currently still in the hospital. Eventually he will be released and it is expected that he go home with the feeding tube - no update on how long he will have it but  my guess is it could be a while. Both Sean and I are hopeful that he will stay with Uncle Ken and aunt Jody but we're not sure if he'll take them up on their offer to stay with them. He lives by himself on 4 acres in a big house. Having  family around to help him through this is just what he needs. Sean and I would like him to reconsider a move to BC once he recovers.