Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 2010

Wow what a jam packed weekend we had. We haven't stopped! I am pooped out but if I don't blog about this now I never will... so here goes (This way I am forced to sit with my feet up and relax- so really it's a good thing!)

Good Friday was a busy day.
Nathan went to play at a friends house while Daddy, Mommy and Alyssa tackled outdoor chores. Not little ones... No we are all about the massive projects in this household. We started a project last year and we plan on finishing it before the summer so there's not much time... Last summer we had to fix a BIG retaining wall on the side of the house, 40 feet long and 6 feet high. We used massive bolders and had an exacavator in the yard to move them and build the wall. The original wall was made with railroad ties and it wasn't done properly so we decided to fix right. We completed the wall last summer and in early fall we built a nice fence around the area, which will soon be our outdoor patio... Anyway having an excavator roll around on the property didn't exactly help. It made quite a mess actually, all of the irrigation lines got destroyed along with a few trees and plants.
So because it was a long weekend (4 days) Sean decided to work on our irrigation system and get everything working again. Lots of digging, pipe fitting and cutting and adjusting. Now that the irrigation is working, I won't have to do any hand watering this year!!! YEAH! I did take some pictures but I will post the before and after pictures once everything is complete.... meaning once the patio is done!

Saturday was a fun day for the kids... we went to our friends house to pick our fresh farm eggs. Alyssa was all over it... Nathan.. not so much he was more about walking around and checking things out... He wasn't really sure what to make of the chickens, didn't seem really all that interested in them.

Here's Alyssa with our friend Keith getting ready to pick the chicken eggs

Wow there's lots of eggs in there! Here comes the first one!

Carefully placing them in the egg carton.
AnnaKate inspired us to get our "best big ol' hair bow" in for the visit

Here's the chicken who laid some of the eggs...
Alyssa was excited to pet and feed the chickens.


Grabber start exploring...

We posed next to the Koi pond to have a family picture taken. Keith has much nicer grass than we do at home, but that won't be for long, especially now that we have the sprinklers working!! (Can you tell I'm excited!)

Alyssa finished off her visit at Keith's house by jumping on his trampoline! What fun she had! Nathan was simply interested in watching her.

Sunday- The bunny came.... Oh and did I mention that when the bunny comes, no one seems to want to sleep in???? Why is that?
The Easter bunny left the kids some metal pails this year to collect their eggs.... THANKS BUNNY!!! I knew Nathan was up when I heard the pail on the kitchen floor going at 7:15 am...
He did find it next to his bed and did collect a few eggs along the way... but hey why collect eggs when you can spin and dump?

So Nathan was the first one out of bed and this is what he was doing.

It spins quite well this way..
and when I angle it more, it goes faster.

It even works upside down. Check it out!

Hey?? Where did all the eggs go?

Oh yeah...
I forgot I dumped them all out to spin the pail.

I'd say Nathan scored big time!! Look at all those eggs!

and Alyssa did just fine too! Look how pleased she is with her find

Later, we went to our friends house for Easter dinner. We had a Ham dinner and it was simply amazing. Alyssa and her friend Josh played and Nathan enjoyed playing with all the toys. We had a fabulous visit with out friend Matt and Janet, sue and Grandpa. We always have fun when we go there, Alyssa never wants to leave.. but she's always worn right out when we do. Nathan actually fell asleep in the car on the way home (something he never does) It was a good night for all.

Today was a fun day too! Nathan school organized a picnic lunch and Easter Egg hunt at a local park. The weather was beautiful, it was a perfect day. We played at the park for 3.5 hours, then came home and had our turkey dinner. The perfect way to end a long weekend...

Hope you had fun too!


  1. What a busy weekend! I know how those home projects take over your're doing great! Nathan does such a good job manipulating that bucket, and he's really concentrating too. And Alyssa is a ball of energy, isn't she? I love her long hair. I'm glad you had a fun weekend.

  2. That's so funny because I bought the boys the same buckets. Austin spins his as well! Sooo noisy!

  3. Wow, busy busy! Great pictures, it looks like you had a wonderful and fun filled Easter Weekend!

    Have a great week!

  4. Wow, I'm amazed at all that you fit in in one weekend! You need a weekend just to recover, I'm sure.

    Your Alyssa is such a beautiful little girl. She is so inquisitive, just like Bella. I can't wait for them to meet this summer (we should probably get something on the calendar soon :)

    And, I LOVE the pictures of Nathan. That is quite some spinning technique he has down. I don't think I could ever master that skill!

    I hope you are feeling well and that baby #3 is growing strong and healthy! Take care!

  5. Noah and Nathan would be spinning together. Loved all the pics.

  6. wow you really did have a busy weekend but it seems like a great busy one:)
    I really like the bow on Alyssa's hair.
    i cant wait for the before and after pics:)