Friday, April 23, 2010

Mommy and Alyssa day!

Friday was a special day for Alyssa and I.
I took the day off work and we spent the entire day doing all kinds of fun girly things. We started by having a bit of a sleep in followed by breakfast at home and then we went shopping in Sidney.... there's a little consignment store that has tons of great stuff for kids.... we found some books, a summer dress, new capri pants and we also found Maggie..... Alyssa fell in love with her and we had to take her home.

Here she is outside the store with Maggie

Then we drove to Brentwood Bay and met up with Daddy for lunch at Smittys. We hardly ever get the opportunity to go meet dad for lunch so that was fun.

Maggie and Alyssa shared the most amazing chocolate milk!

After lunch we went to the Victoria Butterfly gardens and saw some really neat things. Here are some of the pictures we took while visiting the gardens...

Just outside the entrance to Butterfly Gardens

Butterflies that had just come out of their cocoons, drying their wings

The biggest Moth I've ever seen . It's the size of both of my hands!!
Alyssa was terrified it was going to land on her head!

Pink Flamingoes!!
We never see those birds here in BC - It was neat to see them.

More Butterflies, there were so many different kinds and they were everywhere. One even landed on me and another landed on the camera. Made it hard to take a picture of it. That's one smart butterfly alright!

A quail... there were a few of them running around the gardens

Alyssa and I.
She was keeping a close eye on the butterflies. She was worried they would land on her. She was also worried about another bird that we saw that likes to peck feet. The bird is the size of a duck and has a long very narrow beak. He scared her and she then referred to the bird as
" the evil bird"

Then Alyssa had a mini spa experience at Lizzi Lee and Me. A kids salon here in town. Unfortunately the pictures are nowhere to be found. I'm not sure where they went to so I can't post any of them. Sorry!

Alyssa got her hair washed, cut and styled followed by a manicure, nail art, tattoo and ring. It was fun to watch her, she couldn't stop watching herself in the mirror.

We ended the day by stopping in at the library for some good books to take home.

I was completely pooped out but what a great day we had on our mommy daughter day.


  1. Wow! What a fun-filled day! It sounds like you both had a great time. I think the kiddie spa place sounds fun.

  2. Sounds absolutely amazing. I am planning to snatch my Cate from school one day soon for a surprise mom and firstborn day. You've inspired me to make it soon!

  3. What a fun day! I am so glad that you and Alyssa got some time together. Sounds like you packed a lot in to one day.

    Kelly W.

  4. aww... She is a lucky little girl to have such a great mommy. I'm sure she loved having you all to herself.

  5. How fun! I still enjoy my mom and daughter days with my mom.

  6. She is a mini Christine! What an awesome day the two of you had. You sure fit a lot in! Glad you found some girl time! Kelly F