Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It's a snow day!

Jack and Sean
enjoying a father/son moment in the snow!

Today was Jack's first snow day. The weather forecast called for 2 cm of snow. What we actually got was 15 cm overnight and another 5 cm during the day. Nathan's school was closed and we kept Alyssa home from school today. Sean stayed home too. Road conditions were no good so we played in the snow instead.
Nathan is not a fan of this kind of weather, he doesn't even like it when rain drops hit his head, but he seemed okay going for a short walk in the white stuff. I love the snow, it's beautiful to look at, I just wish dressing three kids to go outside wouldn't take an hour, especially when one of them only wants to stay outside for 15 minutes!!!!

What will tomorrow bring???


  1. I agree...dressing more than one child for snow is a pain in the butt. Only slightly easier than UNDRESSING a child after having played in the snow! I'm glad you're having fun with it!

  2. PRECIOUS PHOTO - love it!

    PS I can't imagine life with snow. :)