Friday, April 24, 2009

Grandpa is sick

Over the past few years we have had some difficult times. Many of those times surrounded Nathan's health and we pulled through it but tonight it's a different struggle for our family. My father-in-law Doug (aka Sean's dad), has struggled with his health since Mary ( Sean's mom) was admitted to hospital a few years ago. She suffers from dimensia and it is quite advanced. In 2007, Sean and I made a trip to Edmonton Alberta with the kids to see her but it was impossible to carry on a conversation with her. She did not know who I was and when she saw the kids she simply stated that she always wanted to be a grandma, not realizing these were her grandchildren. It was so sad.
Shortly after her admittance, Sean's dad suffered a heart attack. He recovered and was doing well until about two or three months ago. Suddenly he started having pains in his mouth. I don't have a lot of detail at the moment but the short of it all is that there is a growth on his tongue. They have removed it and now we wait for the outcome of test. He is currently in the hospital and until yesterday had a nasal gastric feeding tube ( tube through the nose to his stomach) because he cannot eat orally. Tonight we found out that the nasal gastric tube did not work and so apparently he now has one directly in his stomach and that seems to be working. I'm thinking a mic-key like Nathans? REALLY? Doesn't that seem drastic? Why wouldn't they give him fluids through an IV. Sean and I both feel that this may be more serious than we thought. We don't expect him to get out of the hospital anytime soon. I suspect that Sean will be heading out to Edmonton sometime soon.
I'm emotinally drained. I've had so much on my mind lately. I'm trying to sort out through so many different issues, some of which are and have been sitting on a back burner for quite sometime. Sometimes I really wonder just how much crap does one have to go through?


  1. Christine, I am so sorry to hear about Sean's dad. I wish I were there to help you and give you a hug...I think that you need it.

  2. I'm praying for strength for you and Sean. I can only imagine how hard this is for him, and for you as you support him. Hugs.