Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Want happens if I pull on this...

Our little grabber has discovered his feeding tube. He's pulled it out twice in less than 48 hours and I'm not even sure how he does so without hurting himself. He pulls it with the ball of water intact and with 5 mls of water in it. He doesn't cry, doesn't seem to be bothered by it. How is that even possible? Oh yeah like I need another thing to worry about....
When the Stoma nurse ( that's what I call her) told me that if the mic-key button ever came out I needed to get the button back in right away,not to wait because after an hour or so it will start to close up. I remember thinking okay but I probably have more time than that. Well she wasn't kidding!!!

The first time Nathan pulled his button out was at daycare. Tanya called me right away but I was on the road and didn't get the message until 20 minutes after she called. I left work immediately (knowing that this was time sensitive) and by the time I got to Nathan's daycare his stoma was almost closed ( It's a 30 minute drive to daycare from work) . Only 50 minutes and the stoma was already closing, luckily I was able to get it back in. Can you believe that! I was shocked!
Over the weekend, Nathan did it again, this time we added an extra 1ml of water to the ball. So far so good but man does he keep us on our toes. He is after all the Little Grabber.


  1. luckily frankie has never pulled his out!! i have a friend with an almost 4 year old - he has been known to pull his out OFTEN! She now keeps a onesie on him at all times under his clothes.. this seems to do the job!

  2. I cant believe he doesnt cry, Alex hates it when we change his and thats with the baloon deflated.
    Hes got to live up to his name!!! (little Grabber:)

  3. ouch. Just sounds like it would hurt..

  4. We don't have any experience with feeding tubes but I have to agree, it sounds painful! Maybe now he knows what happens, he might move onto something else???

  5. So glad you caught it in time!