Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Nathan moves out

Last November Nathan moved into our room. He was refluxing and having some difficult nights and I just felt more comfortable having him close by.  In January, Uncle Patrick came to visit from England and stayed with us for several months. We gave him Nathan's room as it was empty and it worked out great. Now Uncle Pat is back home in England (sniff, sniff, we miss you) and it's time for Nathan to move back into his room.  We tried putting him into his toddler bed but he just cried and seemed afraid. So we put the crib back together in his room and he sleeps through the night (wasn't sure if I'd get a full night sleep again.) I guess looking through the bars gives him a sense of security. He's just not ready for a big boy bed yet and I'm okay with that. After all he is my baby.

This is Nathan's view out of his crib

inside the baby jail
View from Security Camera #3 
View from Security Camera #1

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