Saturday, June 18, 2011


We celebrated Sean's birthday this weekend
and I surprised him with the BEST cake EVER!

Anyone who know's Sean knows that he LOVES Apple.

So it seemed fitting to make him a
cake he really would enjoy!

(oh yes, this is me being silly)

Only I didn't make the cake... I had every intention on making it but then I somehow ran out of time so I asked The lighthouse bakery to do it.

What a great job they did!
(white fondant icing with a dusting of silver - inside was chocolate)

Sean was super surprised.
Just look at how happy he is!

He told me it was the "best birthday cake"

I loved that I got to surprise him like that.

ohhhhhhh and the best part about this past weekend was ......

not Sean's birthday.... or his birthday cake

......not father's day..... not presents...

the best part of this weekend was when Jack said "mama" on father's day!

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