Saturday, June 4, 2011

Report Card Time

Nathan got his report card on Friday and I have to say I was pretty happy! I have seen big changes in Nathan since he started attending preschool. This montessori school is helping Nathan be the best that he can be and along the way have helped me so much with communication, toilet training and eating. Nathan has two preschool teachers and he has two aids who work with him 1:1. The staff at this school are phenomenal. I can't thank them enough for their hard work and dedication to Nathan's education and well being. I'm excited for next year as he starts kindergarden at Island Montessori.

Here's some of what his teachers had to say about his school year:

Nathan has been a delight to have in the classroom with his inquisitive nature and enchanting smile. It is wonderful to see him taking part in the classroom routines such as participating in circle time by placing the numbers on the calendar, listening to a story with the other children in the quiet corner, or finding a partner to work with at clean up time. Nathan has become very aware of what the other children are doing in the classroom and observes their activities. He has been included by the other children this year and many will seek him out to play silly games or dance with him when music is playing in the afternoon.
Nathan has made huge progress when it comes to taking materials off the shelf and putting them back. A huge change from last year when he used to just take things off the shelf and dump them on the floor. He will often just put things back unassisted.
Nathan's aids have been working hard on setting up a bathroom routine with Nathan and he has made huge progress in this area, and will follow through the routine when working with other teachers.
At lunch time, he has made huge progress with his eating. The other children are very interested in what his aid is working on with him and they will often sing the alphabet song with him or play the clapping game in between bites.
We are looking forward to seeing Nathan returning in the fall.

Nathan continues to be a pleasure to work with, consistently surprising us with his abilities. He has been working very hard and it shows.
Nathan is working though all areas of the classroom, and is mostly drawn to number and letter work. Nathan now recognizes the name and phonetic sounds of each letter in the alphabet. Nathan recognizes numbers 1-30 and can put them in numerical order with very little assistance.
Nathan continues to expand his vocabulary with PEC's and is quite interested in any new pictures that are in his PEC's binder. Nathan has been working through a series of flashcards, as well, to expand his vocabulary. We feel Nathan would not be at the point that he is had he not picked up on PEC's so quickly. Nathan is visibly proud of himself whenever he is using PEC's to communicate. It is a form of communication that he enjoys very much. We feel that the more he is asked to request for things, the more he is going to b inclined to do so by himself without prompting.
Nathan participates in most of the physical activities in the gym and outside. He does, however, need assistance to move on to new activities and to try things at outside time, and has in the past few months had a hard time stopping what he was doing at clean up time.
Nathan is a bright little boy who brings an amazing presence to the classroom. Nathan has an enormous amount of potential with the PEC's program


  1. Wow! That is so great! I'm impressed.

  2. What an amazing year! I am so glad you found this school and feel so good about it. It seems to be the perfect fit and environment for him, allowing him to blossom in so many areas! Nathan IS smart and capable of learning so much AND teaching so much! Congrats to a successful year!

  3. What Brandi said. How wonderful to have found people who appreciate Nathan's strengths and are helping him grow in so many areas. Go Nathan!