Thursday, October 22, 2009

Picture almost perfect...

For the past three years, we've wanted to get family photos done. The last photos we had done were back when Alyssa was 10 months old... so a little out of date to say the least. We haven't managed to get much cooperation from the Grabber for any photos... there's simply too much to do and too much to look at (except the camera, which he rarely looks at).

So here are the picture almost perfect... but close enough Fall 2009 Family shots...


  1. LOVE them!! You know...the family picture may not be "perfect" but it is still adorable! I think that it makes the picture that you didn't 'force' Nathan to sit down when he didn't want to, him doing his own thing is perfect! All of them are awesome but I expecially love the ones with you and each of the kids. Alyssa is beautiful, just like her Momma!

  2. Uh. The title of the post is almost perfect...if it weren't for the word "almost."

    Gorgous REAL photos of a beautiful family.

  3. Love the pics!! I love Nathan's outfit, he looks like a little gentleman! Very GQ!! And Alyssa is so beautiful!

    I meant to comment a while back after you commented on my blog. Thanks for that, by the way! I have actually been following your blog for quite a while through all your other RTS friends.

    Your post about your miscarriage really touched me. I miscarried about 5 weeks before I got pregnant with Marissa. It was my first pregnancy and I felt so lost when it happened. I am so sorry this happened to you. It seems like you are doing what you need to get through the grieving process with the charm bracelet. The poem was beautiful too. I wish I knew about it a few years ago. Thank you for sharing.

    I look forward to getting to know you better through our blogs!

  4. They are stunning. Your hair is so beautiful. I love it. You all look great.

  5. These pictures are JUST amazing!!!! I love them. You are a beautiful family.


  6. Those are AWESOME!! The colors are wonderful! I like that Nathan is doing his own thing in the family pic! You look beautiful!! Kelly F

  7. Beautiful pictures! I love the family picture...everyone is looking in the right direction and can't ask for more!