Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Look what my grandma and grandpa got me!
Thanks so much- Merci, merci...
There's a little button, and Mommy showed me how to turn it on. Now I'm really fascinated with it because I can do it by myself- I push the button down and all the colourful lights turn on. Everyone knows how much I like gadgets with lights...
It's like this thing was made for me. Yes, it's very interesting.

Looks at this.... It even works when I'm lying down.


  1. I think he is so cute!! Will has a toy like that too...he likes it but not as much as Nathan!

  2. Look at him...I love the second picture...he looks like he is really trying to work out what's going on with it! xx

  3. I got this toy for Austin also! He LOVES it!

  4. That was one of our toys the PT used to get Natalie to work...she was also always mesmerized by it. But as I think about it, it stopped working before she was able to work it herself, so she never got the joy of playing with it outside of therapy.