Thursday, October 29, 2009

baby steps...

Well we are slowly moving forward... I mean slowly... slower than a snail on a slow day but it's still some progress so I'll have to remain focused on that. Tonight, Nathan sat in his big boy chair without the computer or books or toys...and he didn't fuss. Our family sat down for dinner. We usually offer Nathan the same foods we eat but up until tonight he has always pushed the plates away (it's like he knows) tonight was different..

Tonight, he seemed interested in the rice in his bowl. He touched it with his hands. I offered him a spoon to play with but he wanted to touch. I have to say I was shocked because the rice was sticky and with Nathan's sensory issues he usually freaks out or flat out refuses to touch.

However tonight that was not the case...

Look at that.. He's right in there with both hands... After about 5 minutes he started getting agitated and whiny. He wanted his hands cleaned. He absolutely loves when I use the face cloth on his hands, he gets the cutest smile when we wash his hands.

I still can't believe he touched and played with the rice
and then put his mouth all over the bowl...
Hopefully one day these baby steps will lead
our Little Grabber to eat...


  1. Yeah!!!!

    That little boy will eat...what big progress! Baby steps is all you need...

    Miss you,
    Kelly W.

  2. Nathan You Rock! Just keep believing..he will get there! Turkey dinner by Christmas maybe?
    ;0) Love you guys xx

  3. Christine!! That is awesome news!! Way to go Grabber!!

  4. That is so AWESOME!!! Way to go Nathan, that is a HUGE step!!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. WOW that is huge! Celebrating with you!

  6. Baby steps? We'll take them! That is great! Maybe ketchup and rice will be his favorites. How about ketchup over rice? Hmmm.....

  7. yay! Im just now reading this, but yay for baby steps!!!! Its happening!!!

  8. That is awesome progress! GO Nathan! Kelly F