Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A christmas story

The snow arrived in Victoria on Sunday and Alyssa couldn't wait to get out there and play. It was -17 with the wind, (unusual for here) We had to make sure Alyssa came in to warm up every half hour or so. Nathan played a bit in the snow ( he lasted about 5 minutes), he wasn't too sure what to make of it. He was much happier inside where it was warm, perhaps it's because he was bundled up so much he could barely move?

 Happy Holidays everyone, looks like it could be a white Christmas!
Ta da!!!! Let it snow let it snow!
Great weather for sledding

Alyssa and Nathan playing in the snow

Nathan is just like the kid in a Christmas Story... he's fallen and he can't get up...
million dollar smile


  1. I can feel how cold it is....Im with Nathan, happier inside!

  2. Ha, ha! He does look like the boy from The Christmas Story!! How come snow looks like so much fun when others are enjoying it. We could get up to 12 inches tonight! Arg! Kelly F

  3. That looks really cold. We almost hit 80 degrees here in Florida this weekend.. I hate being cold... But it looks like the kids love it.

  4. 80 degrees!!! That's like summer weather here 26C
    It is cold very cold our night have hit 9 F or -13C at night. BBrrrrr..

    That's probably why we love our Hot Chocolate.