Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Okay so here's the story... a month ago I finally got around to getting the bumper on our Nissan X-Trail (like a Honda CRV, these weren't sold in the USA) fixed.  I had my vehicle parked at work and for those of you who don't know, I am a Driver Examiner here at the Driver Licensing Centre and my vehicle was hit at work - oh yah, don't even get me started.... Anyway this guy "hit" my vehicle and took off. So long story, short, I had a witness and was able to get the bumper fixed at no cost to us. 
So a month ago I'm all excited because I have a shiny new rear end (hee hee) and I feel good because my car has been fixed... Well that lasted long now didn't it. What 3 weeks I think!
Remember.... last week... beautiful pictures of us in snow... yeah lots of fun! Well guess what? We need another flippin bumper!!
It annoys me to no end, just because you own a 4x4 doesn't mean that you'll be able to stop on ICE!!!!!!! What's the deal with people, I mean seriously, the following day we had people tail-gating us and I'm thinking, "HEY here's a hint for you..... LOOK AT MY REAR END- you might not want to follow so close and for the love of God slow down already.
How much more obvious does it have to be.
My poor husband was sitting at a red light on his way to pick Nathan up. It had just started snowing and this woman came over the crest of the hill way too fast and didn't have time to stop. BANG! Her vehicle, a Toyota Corolla, a write-off, radiator fluid all over the place, anti-freeze leaking, non-driveable. Our vehicle came out of it pretty good considering the hit....
So back to the car hospital we go ( as Alyssa stated in the past) This is the third rear end in 6 months. Thankfully no one was hurt.
 But seriously... I don't have that nice of a back end!

The hatch doesn't even close right anymore. It's just annoying!

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  1. That stinks! It really annoys me when people in big vehicles think that because they have an suv that they can drive in anything. They end up driving way to fast and cause most accidents!

    I hope that you get your car fixed soon!