Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Soccer Star

This past Saturday, Nathan discovered that playing soccer with daddy was pretty fun. We attended the Schneider kids Christmas party (where Sean works) on Saturday.  They had a couple of indoor fields set up where the kids could play ball sports: basket ball, ball hockey and soccer, among the most popular sports being played.  
Our little grabber spent the first part, just running around the net, then he got interested in the ball (he of course did not kick, just grabbed with his hands - hence his nickname) and was rather intrigued with what daddy could do with the ball and his feet. It was so fun to watch! He's growing so fast and showing interest in sports. So fun! I think he could become a soccer star! Mommy is so proud of you little man!

 Show me again how you kick.

and he goes for it, he's gonna get the ball
I'm gonna get it dad!


  1. I think he'll get the kicking... Natalie knows how to kick a soccer ball, although she'll only do it for less than a minute before moving on.

    He looks great, Christine!